Postanly Weekly, Issue #235

Life Lessons From a Psychiatrist, and How to Handle Complex Decisions

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Life Lessons From a Psychiatrist Who’s Been Listening to People’s Problems For Decades | Medium

How you approach life says a lot about who you are. As I get deeper into my late 30s I have learned to focus more on experiences that bring meaning and fulfilment to my life. I try to consistently pursue life goals that will make me and my closest….

Realistic Personal Finance Hacks | Collaborative Fund

Hacks are hard because shortcuts rarely exist. Prizes take time and effort. The personal finance industry – filled with advice that sounds and feels good without moving the needle – needs to recognize this.

Why We Need to Stop Putting Age Limits on Our achievements | Metro

Surely success is success, no matter your age. Why is that we seem to be programmed to feel more pride in our achievements if we hit them when we’re young? As though youth is an additional achievement in itself, and not something that we all have…

The Hidden Costs of Reminders | Behavioural Scientist

We are surrounded by reminders—some we schedule ourselves, and many we receive from others. Reminders range from the trivial (apps that coax us to drink water or sit up straight) to the consequential (annual notices to file your taxes…

The Adults Who Treat Reading Like Homework | The Atlantic

When Stevie Peters was a kid, she used to read books for pizza. She remembers participating in Pizza Hut’s reading program, which still exists today, as her first experience with reading challenges. “When I was a kid, I read all the time…

Decision Making: How To Handle All The Permutations And Combinations | Scott Young

It’s often easy to frame a decision when there are only two options: quit or stay, left or right, more or less. However, life choices rarely present themselves as a single option. Instead there are countless permutations and combinations of every decision…

How to Decide Right From Wrong | BBC Future

In the TV series “The Good Place”, a deceased philosophy professor called Chidi tries to help his fellow residents of a non-denominational afterlife to become better people by introducing them to problems that moral philosophers worry about. 

A podcast I’m listening to — Becoming a Model Thinker: My Interview with Professor Scott Page. In this episode of Shane Parrish’s The Knowledge Project, Scott Page, 5x Author and Professor of Complex Systems at the University of Michigan explains the power mental models have in how we view the world, uncover creative solutions, and solve complex problems.

A newsletter I find useful — Behavioural Scientist (Email Edition). Official description: Original, thought-provoking reports from the front lines of behavioral science.

A quote I’m pondering — “The three components of happiness are something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to. Think about it. If we have useful work, sustaining relationships, and the promise of pleasure, it is hard to be unhappy.” —Dr Gordon Livingston

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