Postanly Weekly, Issue #232

For a Genius Brain, Focus on How to Think, Instead of What to Think

For a Genius Brain, Focus on How to Think, Instead of What to Think | Medium

Human beings are creative by nature. Our capacity to generate creative ideas is central to technological and cultural progress. As humans, our primal instinct is to seek, find, improve or create. Our capacity to learn, adapt and transform...

The Age of Burnout (How to Get Real Work Done Without Burning Out) | Medium

Burnout is a condition of our time. The always-on expectations of the digital age is killing us. Many people are consistently over-scheduled and overcommitted and they can’t seem to find a way out. They feel it’s almost impossible to slow down.

Why Specialization Can be a Downside in Our Ever-Changing World | The Verge

Popular wisdom drives home the importance of a head start and specializing early. Not so fast, advises journalist David Epstein, the author of Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World (Penguin Random House).

‘Attention Is the Beginning of Devotion’ | The Atlantic

I can say definitively now that I faltered in pursuit of my New Year’s resolution. My self-improvement project for the year was to read a fresh poem every morning, before glimpsing the accumulation of unresponded email and lifting...

Does Reading Fiction Make us Better People? | BBC Future

Every day more than 1.8 million books are sold in the US and another half a million books are sold in the UK. Despite all the other easy distractions available to us today, there’s no doubt that many people still love reading. 

‘Screen Time’ Is Over | New York Times

The debate over screen time is typically accompanied by a good deal of finger-wagging: The digital experience is a ruinous habit, akin to binge-eating curly fries, gambling on cockfights or drinking whiskey with breakfast.

Why Copying Successful People Can Backfire | Scott Young

In one of my favourite books of all time, Harvard anthropologist Joseph Henrich, makes a compelling case that it’s not true that people merely copy the behaviour of those around them. Even more, the fact that we don’t follow this simple...

3 Mindfulness Rituals That Will Make You Happy | Eric Barker

Why is it so hard to be happy all the time? Why can’t our lives be more like the joyous families in insurance commercials and less like the lives of people making insurance claims? So what does the research say can make us happier?

How to Reduce Digital Distractions: Advice From Medieval Monks | Aeon

Medieval monks had a terrible time concentrating. And concentration was their lifelong work! Their tech was obviously different from ours. But their anxiety about distraction was not. They complained about being overloaded with information...

Three Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Overwhelmed by Career Choices | Quartz

“Do what you love” is career advice that’s easy to give, but notoriously hard to follow. For one thing, we can’t always accurately predict what kind of job we’ll love until we’re actually doing it.

A book I'm reading — The Science of Self-Learning: How to Teach Yourself Anything, Learn More in Less Time, and Direct Your Own Education by Peter Hollins. He has studied psychology and peak human performance for over 12 years.

Book notes you will find useful — Derek Sivers has a collection of notes from 250+ books on his website. These are detailed notes for each book. I highly recommend it if you are looking for some of the best ideas in best-selling non-fiction books.

What I’m excited about launching — Systems For Getting Work Done. Want to get more done in a day than most people do in a week? You need systems, not goals. This course will help you create a personal productivity system to get 10X more done in less time. Sign up to be notified when it launches.

Current courses — Thinking in Models, and Kaizen Habits.

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